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We produce top-quality LED and HPS lights for both greenhouses and indoor farms. Every farm is different, and the major differences come from different cultivation environments and different varieties. We value your ROI and design a unique solution for you. Let’s start with your cultivation environment and crop.

LED's start!

Step1:Light design Services


·        What type of crop(s) are you growing?

·        Growing in a greenhouse or an indoor farm?

·        Where is your greenhouse located? 

·        Do you expect all-year-round production and/or better quality?

Based on your growing facilities and crop type, we will analyze your location’s light distribution and DLI.  Let’s achieve what you expect. 

Harvest4Ever LED horticultural lights will have growers having increased yield, sweeter fruits, more stable production, and longer shelf life all year round for a fraction of the costs.


step2: On-Site Services


After discussing the lighting plan, let’s make your ambitions real!

  • Is the light level at the canopy correct, and light distribution humongous?
  • Is there any influence of the lights on micro-climate?
  • What are the effects of the lights on plant physiology and production?

step3: IMPROVEMENT Services


We provide our experts’ knowledge and analysis to further improve your cultivation. 

  • How to further increase the yield? 
  • How to achieve better quality in your next cultivation? 
  • And how to save more energy costs?

Research and development are key. We love to develop with growers and researchers. Continually improving our products and service is what we are always chasing.

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