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A must have product for greenhouse and indoor farm.

High efficacy up to 3.3 µmol/J

Compact design and minimal shadow

Multiple light recipes 

Easy installation plug and play


Featuring different spectra, broad white or low blue, we help growers to achieve their targets. Would you like to increase the yield, improve the quality, or improve all-year-round production? 

GreenAir features market-leading efficacy and ideal thermal management technologies—a wide variety of models and outstanding value for money. Increasing yield while saving on energy costs, LEDs DO IT TOGETHER!

Indoor Farm

Leafy greens and high wire crops can be grown on an indoor farm! Would you like to grow specific tomato cultivars or strawberry plants in a different cultivation system? Unlike artificial lights in a greenhouse, you may need a specific light spectrum in your indoor farm. Sometimes high blue light is necessary. Sometimes, a suitable Red and Far-red ratio is critical.  

600 W
680 W
3.1~3.3 μmol/J
3.1~3.3 μmol/J
PPF Output
1980 μmol/s
2240 μmol/s
Dimming0-10 V0-10 V
IP Rating
Input Voltage
200~400 V
200~400 V
Dimension698.0x308.3x108.5 mm698.0x308.3x108.5 mm
50,000 Hrs
50,000 Hrs
Work Temperature
0 °C ~ +40 °C
0 °C ~ +40 °C
9.0 kg
9.0 kg
Warranty5 years5 years

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